Standard Trips
8am to 3pm daily.
Everything included... rods, reels,bait, tackle, permits, insurance and one of the best captains in Rocky Point at the helm. We'll take you out 12 to 15 miles to reel in all the bottom fish you can catch. Fish like Cochis,Rock Bass, Pinto Bass and Sardineros, just to name a few. It's a great experience
we like to call "action fishing". At the end of the day your mate will clean, fillet and bag your fish. We consistently catch alot of fish and can accommodate as few as 6 people or as many as 23 using multible boats. Private charters available or we build groups, enabling you to meet new people and make new friends. Experience the Best fishing on the Sea of Cortez... Reserve Today!


Big Boy Trips
Times Vary-Fish High Tides
We'll provide rods and reels with big test line, to enable you to reel in Groupers, big Pinto Bass, Red Snappers and big Sea Bass to name a few.

This voyage is for the avid fisherman who wants to reel in 40 to 120 lb.. fish.

This trip is generally longer than our standard one, because we go out 18 to 22 miles to fish in deeper water (aprox 210 feet)

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    Mexico Phone # 638-388-5318
You can book a private charter or we build groups
letting you meet new people and make new friends
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Call us from the U.S. 602-324-9558
From Mexico call: 638-388-5318

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