Your professional crew will welcome you aboard one of our spacious yachts for your Margarita or dinner cruise. You'll see hundreds of Dolphins as we cruise the Rocky Point Coastline while drinking the Best Margaritas and watching the Most breathtaking sunsets in the world... Right here on the beautiful Sea of Cortez!

If your hungry, we can fix you up with a delicious Shrimp or Mexican food dinner (your choice) while your enjoying the view. Prices vary according to the trip you choose.

We can accommodate as few as 8 people for a more romantic tour or as many as 80 people for those big family get togethers. Prices vary according to the trip you choose.

* Trips Daily *
Times Vary
Reserve your trip today by calling:
    U.S Phone # 602-324-9558    
    Mexico Phone # 638-388-5318
You can book a private charter or we build groups
letting you meet new people and make new friends
  *Affordable Rates*  
  Credit card accepted to confirm reservations. E-Mail Esther for more detailed information.  


Call us from the U.S. 602-324-9558
From Mexico call: 638-388-5318
When emailing Esther, please include YOUR 
  phone number (including area code) in your message.